How I Manifested Text From A Specific Person

How I Manifested Text From A Specific Person

Is It Easy To Manifest Text From A Specific Person?

I was just answering this question on Reddit and figured why not write about it. This is a very prevalent manifestation goal.

I totally understand since it circles around the relationship sector.

Often times, we prefer our crush to text us first in fear of getting rejected or ghosted hence you’re choosing to manifest a text from them.

However the question remains, is it actually possible to target a specific person?

 In my opinion, being specific during manifestation is totally doable. Everyone has a different opinion though.

Some would say to go general to allow the universe to decide and some would say to go specific.

In the end, there’s no right or wrong answer. The law of attraction is open to bringing you whatever you desire.

Sure, I’ve my own fair share of experience of the universe choosing better options for me and why some things don’t work out my way.

You definitely get what you want, just not necessarily the best.

Most of the law of attraction gurus encourage people to go the general route as there is lesser resistance.

Being general only means you’re letting go of a single outcome and be open to wider possibilities.

If you only want that person, I’d say go ahead. Bear in mind that getting specific only boils down to your belief and expectation.

Why Most Fail In Manifesting Text?

fail manifestation
Ask yourself if your crush is far from your reach? Are you putting him/her on a pedestal?

When you enforce importance on a person, you’re automatically giving yourself a hard time. You get hung up on them.

What you are telling the universe is the specific person is far greater than you. You’ve given away your powers at this point and forgotten that you ARE the creator.

In addition, failure to manifest what you desire will result in heartbreak. You must understand the energy underneath of what you’re doing that’s actually going to attract it.

Getting impatient and questioning every second if he/she is going to text will slow down manifestation.

You’re only becoming desperate. The pure energy of creation attracts but your desperate energy repels further away. Since the more you resist, the stronger the opposite energy gets.

As a result, you can kiss goodbye to your manifestation.

Before attempting to manifest a text, you should clear out any ‘needy feelings’ towards the person. Look, you may or may not get an instant result.

Get your mindset right first and foremost. With whatever techniques you used, just know that the manifestation is coming to you.

If you keep on the right path and stay true to your intentions, you would be able to get the result.

My Success Stories In Getting The Exact Text And Specific Person

How I did was just fairly simple. There was a girl that I was interested in.

I just met her a few days prior to the manifestation. I was driving back home during rush hour.

Of course, I got stuck in the traffic so I figured why not attempt to receive a text from her.

I just started zoning out and seeing a text from her in my mind(the cars ain’t moving so no worries). Somehow I expected her to text me. I followed up by feeling good and listening to music in the car.

There was nothing for me to lose anyway. Within 5 minutes, my mobile phone shut off for no apparent reason.

I turn it on again and to my surprise, I received a text from her. Not too bad huh? Talk about instant manifestation.

Was I feeling needy at that moment? Not at all.

2nd Time

i miss you

Recently, I was able to do it again. Instead of visualizing, this time I just intended. To be more specific, I intended a specific text from a specific person.

I would just say it in my head. For example, I intend for XXX to text me that she misses me. I immediately let go and felt that it already happened.

A few days have gone by and I’ve not received it. Doubts start creeping in. I thought to myself, maybe I was being too attached. I intended again, but this time I was firmed that it MUST happen no matter what.

There is no other way except what I have asked for.

Sure enough, a week later, she texted exactly what I have intended for. During that week, I actually forgot about the manifestation until it happened.

How You Can Achieve The Same Result

success stories

Take from my example, seriously don’t sweat about it. Get rid of any distractions around you.

Clear your mind and then visualize yourself receiving a text from your love interest.

Attempt to actually read the text in your mind. Enter the scene in a first-person point of view, and not viewing yourself from far. Feel the excitement and contentment after receiving the text.

This step is really crucial. In fact, it is more so than the actual visualization itself. The key is the feelings you felt in that VERY MOMENT of the scene.

Hold that feeling for a minute then let it go completely. Take a deep breath to end the session. Don’t check your phone every minute.

Go on with your day with the focus that you have already manifested the outcome. You have nothing to lose anyway so why not feel good about it without much expectation.

There is no difference between manifesting a cup of coffee and a text. You just have to stop obsessing over the result if you want to achieve instant manifestation.

I know it sounds hard to not really care but just make like it’s not a big deal.


As easy I try to make it sound, it actually is. The big difference between a failure and a success is the energy.

If you can stay true to the very end and not have any doubts, it will happen.

If you are struggling to manifest and want to get into the habit of manifesting more often, take this 30-seconds manifestation reading quiz to test your true manifestation power. This tone will help you change your mindset to achieve more success and attract abundance.

Just have fun, laugh, eat or do whatever that keeps you in a positive state. That’s pretty much it honestly.

Anyways, let me know in the comment section how this has worked out for you. As always, stay happy and positive. Have an amazing day!






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