Manifestation Magic Review – Can You Manifest In 24 Hours?

Manifestation Magic Review – Can You Manifest In 24 Hours?

Is it possible to manifest anything within 24 hours? Read this Manifestation Magic Review to find out if it benefits you and worth your money. 

Be A Manifestation Wizard

Wouldn’t it be awesome to just be a manifestation wizard? Swinging your magic wand and *poof*.. your manifestation appears.

Even if it is not instant, we would be pretty satisfied with manifesting our desires in days- except it is not the case for most people.

manifestation wizard

You came across Manifestation Magic, it sounds promising, and now you might be thinking, is this just another recycled Law of Attraction product?

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As an avid practitioner of the Law of Attraction for many years, I have tested and studied different schools of thought from gurus such as Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Joe Vitale, Neville Goddard, Bob Proctor and so on.

I will be reviewing this product and leave you to decide if it is worth buying.

I have seen it all and to me, Manifestation Magic is not anything new.

In the presentation, Alexander Wilson, the creator, suggested listening to these “strange sound frequencies” while sleeping to manifest.

Imagine going to bed the night before, tuning in the sound and the next day, your reality has shifted. Sounds too good to be true right?

What are these strange frequency sounds?

Brainwave Entrainment

brainwave entrainment

These sounds are called Brainwave entrainment. It isn’t that new and it has been in the market for a long time. For decades, some people believe it works while others don’t.

The function of brainwave entrainment is to alter your brain wave state, usually from Beta to Alpha, Theta or Delta and eventually changing the way you feel.

This acts as a shortcut to meditation, like how the brain wave states naturally change when you meditate.

If you have a hard time relaxing and going deeper in meditation, this will assist in slowing your brainwave at a much quicker rate.

For instance, if you have anxiety or feel stressed out, brain wave entrainment helps slow down the brainwave and puts you in a relaxed state. No weed needed 🙂

Got a creative project to work on but creative juice not flowing?

Use Brain wave entrainment to enter the perfect state of mind that is usually responsible for brainstorming and creative thinking.

Subliminal Messages and NLP

While Brainwave entrainment brings your mind to a suggestive state, subliminal messages are used to implant thoughts. Subliminal messages have been around for a very long time, commonly used in media and advertising.

When the audio is played, it is played at a level that you can’t consciously hear the affirmations but your subconscious mind is able to pick up.

subliminal message and nlp

In a way, it bypasses your conscious mind or the “gatekeeper”, and goes straight in your subconscious.

What about NLP? NLP, short for Neuro-linguistic programming, was invented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s to change behavioral patterns by altering the neurological process.

If you want to create a new habit, NLP helps you anchor your new preferred state easily. You can even use it to stop habits such as smoking, procrastinating or nail-biting.

The audio tracks contain a combination of Brainwave entrainment, subliminal messages, and NLP, which are a really powerful manifestation tool and bring long-lasting effects.

By playing the audio tracks during sleep, you can reprogram your subconscious mind and you will see amazing results in no time. It requires little to no effort on your part.

Manifestation Magic Review

manifestation magic review

Manifestation Magic contains a series of brainwave entrainment tracks and a simple manifestation manual to guide you into the right mindset.

Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the e-book and then listen to these tracks when they are about to sleep.

As you relax, your mind becomes more receptive to hypnotic suggestions. When played repetitively every night, your mind will be rewired to the desired pattern and thus, forming new beliefs and manifesting your desires quickly.

Before we get into how it will help you, let’s look at what you will be receiving upon accessing the program.

  • Quick Start Manifestation Ebook Guide – A 66 pages practical e-book that goes hand in hand with the audio tracks to ensure you manifest accurately.That includes manifestations techniques that you can implement right away and dispel any disbeliefs that might hinder manifestation.
  • Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Audio Track – A combination of brainwave entrainment to slow down the brain wave, hypnotic suggestions to implant new beliefs and NLP to anchor your new state will give you a permanent effect that makes every manifestation easier for you in the future.
  • 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks– Every track is created to bringing you more abundance and wealth. You will increase your wealth chakra or energy with these tracks.
  • The Manifestation Magic Push Play Audio App – Play all your purchased tracks directly from your smartphone.
  • Bonus #1 – Chakra Power System – Each track is about 10 minutes long and it helps to bring positive balance to your entire chakra system.An important process to remove negative energies and doubts and realigning them to more of what you want.
  • Bonus #2 – 360 Transformation System – It consists of 7 tracks and they will guide in relaxing your mind, elevating your vibrational energy and restoring your natural state of well being.
  • 2 Extra Bonuses – The Abundance Miracle System & 7 Sacred Signs

That is quite a lot of content for such a low price. However, the important question remains, how will Manifestation Magic help you.

As I was doing a review, I found a discount that can get you the product for cheaper. I am not sure how long the discount will last but check below for it.

Manifestation Magic Discount

How Will Manifestation Magic Help You?

how will manifestation magic help you

1. Practical Guides:

The biggest issue that most people face from learning from books like The Secret was that it focuses way too much on thinking positively. To tell you the truth, it rarely works because it is not a complete manifestation system.

Manifestation magic has a practical e-book for you follow and requires you to listen to the audio tracks repeatedly. It might sound like work but it is almost effortless.

2. Increase Vibrational Level:

Have you ever felt so good and everything just flows into your life?

  • You walk down the street and everyone was smiling at you.
  • Your boss is particularly nice to you when he is usually the not friendliest person
  • Perhaps you crave coffee and your co-worker just gets you one for free
  • You feel so connected to everyone around you.
  • You are receiving so many good news in a day

What happened was that you were operating on a higher vibration level or higher frequency on that day. In other words, you are in sync with the universe, and because of that, you are attracting all the goodness in life.

What if you can increase your vibrational base level? Wouldn’t it be great if you are able to operate on a higher vibration daily?

That is exactly what the tracks would do.

When you are well-tuned, everything comes to you effortlessly and life feels a lot easier. That goes for wealth, health and love.

3. Building Positive Habits

Feeling uninspired to take action on your goal? Perhaps there is this new business opportunity that your friend is proposing to you.

Everything sounds good but you just don’t feel like working on it because it looks like it requires a lot of work or you are just too afraid to take up on that challenge.

What do you do?

Listen to the tracks daily to build new positive habits and thinking without constant affirmation and visualization. Turn that negative habit into a positive one.

Once you start listening daily, you will start seeing the opportunity from a new perspective. You feel more motivated to take action and everything suddenly looks easy.

Just like anything, consistency yields great results.

4. Removing Limiting Beliefs: 

There is no point in repeating your affirmations thousands of times if you still remain thinking from the old patterns of thinking. This ONE of the biggest reasons why most FAIL in manifesting.

You have to clear out the trash before building a new belief. Think of it as covering acne with makeup. No matter how much covering up you do, it will still be visible unless you treat it.

The Energy Orbiting audio tracks are a fantastic way to clear the blockage in your mind. Ignoring it will only continue to bring more negative manifestations into your life.

Pros of Manifestation Magic

Complete Manifestation System: From the sales video, Manifestation magic looked like another over-hyped product but it isn’t the case.

This is a complete system with a science-based technique that will help you attract more wealth, love and health into your life.

Easy And Quick To Use: If you don’t mind spending hours trying to perfect your meditation and repeating your techniques over and over again, then you are good on your own.

However, there is no denying that it is in fact much easier to play the audio and listen rather than do all the hard work. Manifestation Magic has cut down the time you need to manifest anything you want.

Remember, you have to understand that you need to change your inner belief before making an attempt to change your outer life.

Real Testimonials From Customers: If others can, so can you, right? There are many reviews from users displayed on the sales page who have tried Manifestation Magic and changed their lives.

I went to look for more testimonials about the product and here is what I have found.

Manifestation magic testimonials Manifestation magic testimonials Manifestation magic testimonials

Instant Access: You will be receiving access to this digital product immediately after purchase. No shipping required. When you are signing up for the program, keep in mind which email address you will be using.

Double-check it before hitting the proceed button because you will be receiving the access through email.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days is more than enough time to test if this product works, let alone manifesting at least one thing.

Alexander Wilson believes that his product will make changes in your life so you are given enough time to put it to test.
If you don’t like it, you can reach out to the support team to ask for a refund. This is in a way a risk-free purchase.

Cons of Manifestation Magic

Let’s be real, every product out there has a few downsides to them. There is no one book or program that will 100% guarantee solve your problem. Here are 2 minor downsides that I found with this product.

Only For Online Purchase

I understand that there are some people out there who prefer a hard copy so they can play it on their cd player or just get them from a local bookstore.

Manifestation Magic is a digital product which means you need a computer and internet access to download the program.

Program May Not Be Suitable For Everyone

Some people may find it uncomfortable listening to the audio tracks due to being sensitive to the frequency. It doesn’t apply to most people, just a small number who might find it annoying.

If it does annoy, try to play it every other night or lower the volume.

As for those who still want to use them because it brings results but feels a little uncomfortable, there is a solution to it.

The wonderful thing about Manifestation Magic is the support team, who would create a new track for you just so you can listen to it comfortably. There are absolutely no charges for the extra audio.

Should You Buy It?

should you buy it

As I mentioned, there is no guarantee that it will work for you although it has been proven to have worked for a majority of people.

I have personally used brainwave entrainment and subliminal messages to manifest jobs in the past and I know for a fact that it works.

Unless you know how to create an audio and customize one yourself, I’d highly suggest you give a go.

What separates from someone who succeeds and fails is the difference in consistently listening to the tracks daily.

I am sure you are aware that the law of attraction is no rocket science. But if you follow the guide properly, you would see miracles manifesting right before your eyes.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain from this backed by a guaranteed product.

Can You Manifest In 24 Hours?

If you have been struggling to make the law of attraction work for you, this audio tracks will bridge the gap and speed up the manifestation process.

Once you feel the changes, it is advisable to follow up with action if you wish to see concrete results. Sure, I am aware of the teaching to ONLY take inspired actions. Do what feels natural for you when you feel the changes.

But the question remains, can you do it in 24 hours? There is no clear answer to this as everyone’s journey is different. There are those who saw their desires manifested instantly while there are others who took a few days to a few weeks.

It comes down to how fast your subconscious mind accepts the statement or affirmation as true.

Whether you want that increase in a paycheck, that specific crush you have, curing that illness you have been having since young, know that whatever you wish to have is within reach.

Be consistent with the practice, follow the advice by Alexander Wilson, believe it will work for you, and you will become a master in manifesting.

Test out the program and let me know if I can help you in any way by leaving a comment below.

Don’t forget to grab your discount code before purchasing. 

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