How To Be A Money Magnet Using Law of Attraction

How To Be A Money Magnet Using Law of Attraction

Imagine waking up every morning, knowing you are a money magnet and money just flows to you effortlessly. Where ever you go, you seem to attract more money into your life.

That is definitely a wonderful experience. Never having to think about finding that extra cash for your rent, groceries, or bills.

However, that’s not the case for most people. There seems to be something stopping them from attracting wealth into their lives.

The #1 Mistake Everyone Makes

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons why most people don’t get the wealth and the life they want is that they don’t actually KNOW what they want?

Here’s an example. First, they say they want a higher paying job, then an extra $1000 for the month. After a while, they want to attract more abundance instead.

In essence, they are sending mixed signals to their subconscious.

It’s true.

Although you may think you want to be wealthy and successful, the truth is that the majority of people actually spend more time thinking about what they DON’T want rather than what they DO want.

For instance, have you ever had any of these thoughts?

  • I don’t want to be poor”
  • “being in debt sucks”
  • “I don’t want to be paying rent forever”
  • “there is no end to these struggles”
  • “I don’t want my kids to go without”
  • “I don’t want to be a failure”

Yes, most of us have had these kinds of thoughts before…

And the problem is that focusing on what you don’t want actually prevents you from attracting wealth in your life.

Instead of manifesting that promotion, that business opportunity, or that unexpected windfall, you end up manifesting more debt, bills, and hardships!

How Are Self-Made Millionaires Different?

self made millionaire

The difference is that even before they became rich, they DREAMED of being wealthy and successful.

They literally had a “rich brain”. They absolutely know what they want in life and stay true in their path.

A little doubt from the external reality would not mess their frame-up.

Rather than dwelling on what they were lacking in their lives, they focused on the steps they were going to take each day that would lead them to the successful future they desired.

So, today I want to help YOU to develop the mindset of a millionaire, by teaching you these 3 easy steps to programming your mind for wealth.

By programming properly, you’ll be on your way to attracting more wealth in your life.

These steps have helped me to get out of debt and into a space of abundance. I hope they help you to get on the path of achieving great success!

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3 Steps To Be A Money Magnet Using Law of Attraction

how to be a money magnet

Step 1: Set a target

The first step is to set a specific goal for your financial future.

Think about what you really want, and try asking yourself the following questions…

  • How much money do I want to have in the bank?
  • What kind of job and salary do I want to have?
  • Am I happy working for others, or do I want to become my OWN boss?
  • What kind of assets do I want to own?
  • What kind of LIFESTYLE do I want to live?

It may be that you want to earn an income of over $100k per year, it may be to own a house mortgage-free, it may be to start up a successful business, or it may be to simply make an extra couple of hundred bucks a week so that you can start living the lifestyle you want.

Any target you want to achieve is great – the important thing is that it is what YOU want for your future, not what anyone ELSE wants.

P.S. Don’t worry about HOW you are going to achieve this goal right now (that’s the job of your subconscious!) – simply come up with a target that makes you feel really, really excited and passionate.

Step 2: Determine your REASONS for setting that target


It’s important to know the reasons WHY you want to be wealthy because these reasons can determine whether or not you will achieve your goal.

Is it because you hate the job you’re in now, or because you’re terrified of the thought of struggling with debt and bills forever?

Or, is it because you have a dream to turn your passion into your day job or your dream of becoming financially free so that you can live your dream lifestyle?

Wanting something out of passion and determination is a million times more powerful than wanting something out of fear, so it’s important that your reasons are positive and motivating.

For me, the reason I wanted to be wealthy was for financial freedom.

But what I love most about being wealthy is freedom.

I love being able to spend the majority of my time helping people, making new friends and traveling the world.

And I love knowing that I would never have to really work again because everything just falls into place and I enjoy what I do.

Do you consider your passion as work?

So, what is it about wealth that YOU want? What are the good things that would come from having an abundance of money?

What would financial freedom enable you to do?

Here are some ideas:

  • Provide a great lifestyle for my family
  • To be able to travel and go on vacations when I choose
  • Buy my dream house or a dream car
  • To be able to do the kind of work I love, and work the hours I choose
  • To feel successful, valued and proud of what I have achieved

Give yourself some time to think and then write down 2-3 reasons why you want to be wealthy.

Step 3: Align your brain with your target

The last step is to align your brain with your goal.

The clearer and more specific you are about what you want to achieve, the harder your brain is going to work to make it happen.

So right now, I want you to try to actually visualize yourself achieving the goals you have set yourself, and picture how you will be FEELING at that moment.

For example…

  • Seeing that million-dollar balance when you log in to your online banking
  • Picturing yourself opening that dream business…
  • Welcoming your friends and family to your beautiful new home (that you own mortgage-free)…
  • Picturing yourself picking up that dream car from the lot…
  • Telling your kids about the amazing holiday you’re about to take them on…

Whatever your dream is, the more you practice visualizing in your mind, the more likely it is to become your reality.

Your subconscious mindsets out to attract into your life the things you think about MOST. So, make sure that the things you think about are things that you want.

Taking The Next Step

point down

Keep going over these three steps, and as these thoughts, images, and feelings of wealth are absorbed through repetition by your subconscious, you’ll soon find your life beginning to change in amazing ways you’d never dreamed possible.

Do you have the mindset of a millionaire? Is wealth in your future..?

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Remember, you are in control of your life. To be wealthy, it all starts from you.

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