6 Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming – Law of Attraction

6 Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming – Law of Attraction

Do you ever feel like you’ve done every you could but you are not sure if the manifestation is coming? Law of attraction can be tricky if you don’t fully utilize the hidden tools we all have to manifest. One of the tools you should be using more often is interpreting signs from the universe. But Is it true that signs mean your manifestation is coming?

Reading Signs

For starters, I am sure you get told often that reading signs from the universe could signify that the universe is communicating with you.

The ability to read signs is quite an important part of the law of attraction or spiritual journey. We’re constantly asking for signs from the universe as an indication that we’re on the right path to our goal. 

Besides, since we only perceive signs as coming close to manifestation, we forgot about the beauty of creation. The process of creation strips away the ego-self to improve tuning in and connecting to the universe.

In this day and age, humanity has lost its inner touch or connection with the universe. People get so hung up on their social media sites, current events, entertainments and such that they have forgotten the importance of having inner guidance.

Now I am sure there is a large percentage of people who don’t believe in these “woo woo stuff” but what we can do is guide those who are seeking help.

The whole idea of being able to read signs is not only to use as an indication but to actually understand what the universe wants us to do. You don’t have to be creating something to receive signals.

Just considering it as life guidance would also help us improve the connection between ourselves and the universe.

Language Of The Universe

good news is coming

While signs appear in many forms, most people missed them without realizing they were meant for them. The universe’s language is a huge barrier to untrained minds.

The universe doesn’t do direct communication with you. You won’t be getting a call or a text from another dimension confirming your order.

You often have to decipher what it means to you, be it symbolic or indirect. A coincidental event awakens us by opening our eyes to the miracles of the universe which therefore strengthen our faith towards the unseen forces.

By trusting more, you can experience even more wondrous and profound experiences that the universe wants you to be aware of.

Besides that, you must first be hyper-aware of what’s happening around you.

Practice being an observer rather than a reactor. Soon you’ll be catching signs quickly.

Think of reality as a feedback system to validate your desire. You get what you put out.

Signs can be presented subtly and usually catches you off guard when you least expect them.

You don’t have to be on a constant lookout for anything although is important to keep in mind as you go along the day.

Furthermore, while you attempt to manifest a desire, it is quite unnecessary for you to repeatedly request for signs.

For instance, you ordered food from a restaurant and obviously, you are getting a receipt. Your sign is the receipt.

You don’t have to ask the restaurant for the receipt right? Maybe learn to trust and allow it to enter your reality. It is constantly sending signals to you.

You act as the interpreter. If you think you don’t get them is simply because you are not opening yourself to allow it to your reality.

Open up your mind and heart to whatever that is coming to you.

You might probably see signs within a few minutes, hours or even days depending on how fast you align yourself.

As we co-create our reality, pay close attention to the topic of your manifestation.

Being in the right state of mind allows you to align with your manifestations which then enables you to receive signs quickly.

“Carl Jung: synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see it.” 

6 Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming

signs your manifestation is here

Wouldn’t it be cool to see such direct signs? I am sure you have experienced this too. So what are the best or known ways that the universe communicates with us?

Speaking Through Other Individual

You are more connected to others than you think. On a deeper level, all living beings are part of a large universal consciousness.

When you can tap into the power, you are able to understand others without words and regardless of distance. It’s almost empath.

For instance, have you ever felt an uneasy feeling of your partner or family member, to only find out that what you felt was actually happening?

I got sidetracked but If you understand the concept of everyone is inter-connected, you can think of the universe acting through one of you to relay a message.

Let’s set an example: If you are trying to attract wealth into your life. You intended to switch jobs because you are not enjoying your work anymore. However, you are not sure where to go and if that is the best decision.

As you go on your day, you were invited by your colleagues to join them for dinner. At the dinner table, your colleague briefly mentioned a job opening at this really big company and they are accepting applications.

You then have a choice to just take it as a sign or just random rambling by your colleagues. If it a sign, all you have to do is engage and ask more about it.

Once you decided, you applied for the job. You received good news a few days later that the company is interested in hiring you.

Sometimes signs can also be the bridge of incidents that occur, connecting you from your intentions to your desire. All you have to do is act on it and everything will flow easily and effortlessly.


social media

You probably want a new guitar. While browsing through the internet, you might find a post related to it.

That can be a sign from the universe. Just be mindful when it comes to Facebook.

I don’t want to burst your bubble but if you tried searching for guitar in the past, chances are you will see guitar ads around.

Even doing affirmations near your phone, Facebook listens to it.

I know it is off topic but don’t mistake your sign for cookie tracking. That’s just false hope. Be alert I would say.

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Listening To Gut Feelings

Gut feelings are often one of the best indicators although it can be a pain sometimes for those who aren’t sensitive to it. 

From years of experience, If I have to make a decision, a “NO” would usually be a sinking gut feeling whereas a “YES’ makes you feel calm or excited.  I am not an expert in this and I am trying to hone my skills every day.

For those who are great at deciphering, well props to you. You are connected to your inner self. 

For those who aren’t good in it, you can definitely train by quieting your mind and listening in.

Utilize it to get answers from the universe. Making instinctual choices will usually turn out well. Ask a question and tuned in to find an answer.

Even if you don’t get an immediate answer, you can set your intentions for it.

For instance, you are looking for that brand new sneakers but it was sold out. You set your intentions, “I intend to have that sneaker. Where should I look for them?”

Hours or maybe days later, you are walking down the street. As you walk past a shoe store, you had a sudden nudge or urged to go in.

That’s when you finally found the sneakers you wanted.



Dreams can be rather symbolic.  Do you believe that dreams act as a gateway to the astral world or direct communication with your subconscious mind?

Whatever belief it may be, ultimately it is pretty accurate in representing your current state of life.

Attempt to remember as much detail as possible. Remember the structure of the dream and the feelings you experience in it.

Did you feel good about it? Did you feel sad?

Upon awakening, write down in detail of everything you remember. There are dream interpretation websites you can use to help you understand if it gets too symbolic.

If you are trying to manifest wealth, pick up the clues in the dream. Perhaps you would see some sort of investment opportunity that if you take action in reality, you have a better chance of improving your wealth.



This involves an uncanny coincidence where ever you go. You might see 1111 on your phone and not too long after, a car passes by with a car plate of 1111.

Numbers can be tricky from my perspective. I usually interpret it as being aligned with the universe, more in touch with my inner self I would say.

While others believe it to be a constant reminder from the universe that they are awake.

Numbers have no real significance unless you give meaning to it. Find your representation by expecting numbers to appear so it will serve you better in the future.

It is rather easy to see repeated numbers every day and merely giving attention to it generates a more similar experience. You figure this one out.

Furthermore, synchronicity could also be when you think of something then it appears the very next second. Synchronicity representation is not exclusively just for numbers.


To recap, be very aware of your daily lives. The universe drops sign like girls trying to hint you about buying them the new ring, (I’m kidding) subtle but it is there.

If you aren’t getting any after a few days, just shout out your request. Trust that the universe always delivers and it certainly will.

Understand all the above and you will be awesome in spotting signs. 

If you would like to learn how to take your manifestation to the next level, I highly suggest you take this 30-seconds manifestation reading quiz to test your true manifestation power. The result can be shocking.

That’s it. As always spread love and positivity.

Signing off!

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